Hunting tips
Miscellaneous hunting tips

Decoy anchor line length

When you anchor your decoys, remember to use enough decoy line; the anchor shouldn't settle right below the decoy, there should be an angle. When you anchor the decoys with an angle, those decoys will hold better even in hard bottom. You can apply this to individual decoys and to mainline setups also.

Choose a smaller shot size when shooting a crippled duck

When shooting a crippled duck use smaller shot size than usually. Crippled duck is a small target in water and usually you need to hit to head or to spine to kill the duck. Smaller shot size offers more pellets to target and greater potential to lethal hit.

Tip for reusing camo tape

Camo tape is a convenient way to camouflage various items like guns and shooting bipods. The benefit for using reusable camo tape obvious: for example you can use camo tape with snow pattern again at next winter. When you detach the camo for storage, remember to wrap it around some round object simultaneously as you detach it from another object. Wrap the camo tape around the roll it came on or around some bottle, etc. This way the camo tape won't become entangled.

Clean copper residues from your rifle

It is very important to clean copper residues from your rifle from time to time. Cleaning just gun powder residues and oiling the barrel isn't just enough. Clean your rifle with a brush suitable for copper cleaning and it is even better to use copper cleaning solvent and a brush.

If you don't clean the copper out of the rifle barrel, it will corrode the barrel and affect to accuracy by accumulation.

Remember to dry the gun after cold weather hunt

When you bring the gun indoors after a hunt in a freezing temperatures, remember to dry your gun after it has warmed up, because moisture condensates to it.

Reduce your scent trail

Good way to decrease your scent trail is to wash your hunting clothes with unscented detergents and to keep the clothes in a tightly closed plastic bag or in other confined space that minimizes the presence of human scent during storage. The less scent the lesser chance for game to smell it.

Use clothespin to attach decoys to mainline

When you use a lot of decoys attached to a mainline, it is easy to attach decoys to the mainline using a clothespin. Just match the clothespin with a mainline with a right diameter and the clothesping stays firmly attached. When selecting the clothespin, choose the one that sinks and that stays firmly at the mainline.

Pay attention to sun direction when hunting

When you are choosing a place for your blind or your approach towards game, be sure to position yourself so that you won't get blinded by the sun. Shooting becomes difficult or impossible if you have to look straight at the sun. When it is still dark, it is easy to forget to take the sun into account. Keep the sun at your back or at your side.