Other articles Practice your hunting skills with these free hunting games

Practice your hunting skills with these free hunting games

Spice up your day and practice your hunting skills with these free hunting games.

Practice your shooting skills with Bird Hunter 2003

Bird Hunter 2003 is a good hunting game for practicing your bird hunting skills. Yes, it is a bit old, but what it lacks in graphics, it stands out what comes to realism and did I say it's free. The full game includes duck hunting, goose hunting, upland bird hunting and turkey hunting, but the demo includes just waterfowling. Although you can buy the full game with very little money.

Bird Hunter 2003 includes well modeled shooting patterns what comes to taking leads when trying to hit a flying bird. This is very useful for you if you want to tune up your shooting skills. It lets you to learn right leads, but it will also tune up your motor skills. It has been proven that games improve your motor skills and motor skills are an important aspect of every shooting sport. For even bigger benefit you can try to use the game with your left hand if you are right handed shooter and vice versa. The left hand does the aiming with shotguns and rifles, even though its motor skills are usually weaker if you are right handed.

Take the full benefit of this free hunting game and download it now. You can also buy the full version.


Bird Hunter 2003

Hit, but requires a follow up shot.

Duck hunting game - duck down

Hit, straight down.

Deer hunting game - Deer Hunter 2005

If your passion is deer hunting, then you might want to try this deer hunting game. The demo is free and the full version won't cost much neither. This game comes with good looking graphics and with realistic simulation about deer hunting. Lure the monster buck with various calls and scents or use your stalking skills to take the deer with surprise. After hunting you can view your trophies in trophy room. The trophy room shows you details about the hunting and even the bullethole in the deer.

Download the Deer hunting 2005 demo for free.