Predator hunting Self-made predator decoys

Self-made predator decoys

Use self-made decoys to lure predators and to distract their focus away from you. They are a great addition to predator hunting.

There are plenty of predator decoys to choose from, but you can also make predator decoy at your own. Anything that resembles prey animal or part of it, will do.

Predator decoys

Bound duck feathers and hare's paw.

Feathers make great decoys because they are lightweight and will move in the wind, thus making them more attractive. Use some string to attach the feathers to a stick or to a tree and you have a predator decoy. White hare's paw doesn't move as easily in the wind, but it has great contrast when there is no snow on the ground.

How to use predator decoys

Place the decoy to appropriate distance from you. Important factor is naturally the gun you use. Place the decoy towards the estimated direction from where the predator is coming from. Make the predator to expose itself when it approaches the decoy. Also remember to check the wind direction.

You can also add an extra touch to the decoys by using appropriate scents with them, like hare scent with hare paw.

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