Predator hunting Calling crows

Calling crows

Calling crows is an efficient and exciting hunting method. Crows are social birds and they respond well to calling.

Crow calling tactics should be adjusted to your overall crow hunting strategy. Do you use owl decoy, just crow decoys or are you casually calling grows during other hunting. When you use owl decoy or fox decoy to mimic danger and fighting, you should focus to distress and fighting sounds. If you use just crow decoys to create image of feeding or resting crow flock, then you should stay in greeting calls and such. Crows can be called from a distance with any sounds, but for intelligent birds like crows it is always best that your setup also looks like it sounds.

Calling crows is exciting

Crow calls are used in a similar fashion as duck calls. Hold the call between your index finger and your thumb. Use your other fingers and your palm to add more variation to the sound. Blow the call with a gargling sound that comes from your throat and lungs. Open your hands and palm at the beginning of the call to have a rising sound. To have a more soft crow like finishing for the sound, close your fingers a little bit just before the end of the call. For best results buy some good quality crow call.

Basic calls for crow

Greeting call: craaak, craaak

Distress call: craak, craak, craak.. (called in a distress like manner)

Fighting sounds: craaaaw, craaaaw (end of the call can be quite long)

Come-back call: cra, cra

It is good to start calling crows with a greeting call and then to use the calls that best fit to your crow hunting situation. Choose a crow call that offers natural sound and can produce various sounds. Remember to stay still when calling crows and to hide well. Crows are very intelligent birds and avid predators, they are made to detect movement and objects: prey and foes alike. Crow hunting is hunting of other predators, so remember to stay on your toes, despite of they don't bite back.