Reviews GHG Ground Force dog blind - review

GHG Ground Force dog blind - review

After using GHG Ground Force dog blind during 2012 autumn and winter, here is the review.

The regular Ground Force dog blind (Killer weed) seemed as the best option for my dog which weights about 70 lbs and that proved to be correct. Inside the dog blind, my dog can barely turn around with neoprene vest on, so the smaller dog blind model would have been too small. After purchasing I mudded the blind as instructed. Later in the season I also added a piece of sleeping pad on the floor for my dog's comfort. The blind isn't too heavy and is quite easy to transport using the shoulder strap. There are little straps for camouflaging and they are real handy, although added material don't seem to stay on place during transport without extra securing.

Ground Force dog blind's durability

After one season the blind is still like a new, well almost. Nothing has broken and the materials are in good condition. The floor has some scratches from my dog's paws, but is still intact. The blind is easy to assembly and disassembly even with gloves on. The only thing is that you have to make sure, that the top rod slides all the way into its position, it can be quite stiff. Two velcros those are supposed to attach the floor to the frame from the ends of the blind, don't hold up well. They are mostly unattached, but it seems that it doesn't matter. They have been open for most of the season and I haven't noticed that it would matter in anyhow.

So what is the bottom line? GHG Ground Force dog blind does its function. It conceals the dog and protects it from the elements, just like it is supposed to. The blind is durable and easy to assembly and disassembly. I consider it being a very good purchase.

Avery Ground force dog blind with labrador retriewer