Reviews Avery Boater's neoprene dog vest - review

Avery Boater's neoprene dog vest - review

Avery Boater's neoprene dog vest is especially designed for hunters who hunt from boats.

Avery Boater's dog vest differs from regular neoprene vests by one key aspect: it has handles from which dog can be lifted to boat, on steep bank, etc. The vest is reinforced to withstand the dog's weight when it is being lifted. There are supporting strips sewed inside the vest. This reinforcement means also that the vest has a tighter fit than other vests, because it isn't as elastic. So remember to buy a proper sized vest for your dog, it is even more cruzial with this vest. This dog vest has also added buoyant material to help dog on those long retrieves and to make dog to swim a bit higher and thus easier to see the downed bird.

Boater's dog vest in use

My dog is labrador retriever and hunting breed. This vest suits perfectly for it. I have had two Avery Boater's vests so far. I had to change to a bigger size when the dog got older. Both vests have withstood very well and seem very durable. About Avery neoprene vests in general: remember that you are supposed to trim them after you have bought them. They are not off-the-self products; you have to trim them to fit properly because they are designed that way.

Lifting from the handles takes a bit practicing if you haven't done it before, but it isn't hard neither. At high seas you might want to grab first from whatever you can get hold on and then take a proper hold from the handles.

Bottom line is that Avery Boater's neoprene dog vest is useful for those hunters who hunt from the boat. It is durable and does what dog's neoprene vest should to in generally in addition to its function to make it easier to get the dog on the boat.

Avery Boater's neoprene dog vest on labrador retriever