Reviews Avery GHG RealGrass - review

Avery GHG RealGrass - review

Avery RealGrass is camouflage material intended to imitate grasses and reeds found in and near wetlands. Here is the review about it.

Avery RealGrass comes in woven mats those size is 4' x 4'. The mats are woven from palm leaves, giving it very natural look. The knotting is durable and you can cut the mats to the size and shape you want. These "grass mats" suit well for camouflaging duck boats, blinds and other blinds those are in grassy areas.

The durability and usage of Avery RealGrass

I have used these mats for three seasons so far. They are a little bit greenish and whitish when they come from the package, but they will have a more natural color after a while: you can speed this process by wetting them and letting them to dry. How long Avery RealGrass mats will last depends about how you use them. When the mats are in constant contact with water they will start to rot. I have had my boat covered with these mats and they have been in place for the season (three seasons so far). The boat is covered with boat cover, but there is always water in the boat. Grass mat parts those are always in contact with water will last max. few seasons. The grass mats will stay in good condition if you can take those to a dry place between hunts or they can otherwise stay more or less dry.

Avery RealGrass mats are good for camouflaging and very naturally looking. Just remember that they are not synthetic and you will have to take care of them if you want them to last.

Avery RealGrass mat on boat

Boat's deck is covered with Avery RealGrass mats.