Shooting at field Tips for field shooting

Tips for field shooting

Here are few things to consider of when you are shooting at field. Take these into account and you will shoot better.

At blind

When you are at blind, it is good to position yourself so that you are in a good angle regarding the expected shooting direction. Position yourself or your boat or blind, so that you are not facing straight at the expected shooting direction. Place yourself in a slight angle, to which side depends whether you shoot right or left handed. If this is not possible, correct your shooting position if possible, before shooting. One little step before shooting can make a big difference to your shooting success.

Stalk hunting

If you are stalk hunting, the shooting direction is much harder to anticipate beforehand. That is why it is essential to take the few extra steps to align yourself well before shooting. It is much harder to shoot from a awkward angle, than to move your feet to more ideal position.