Shooting at field Use rangefinder to measure shooting distances

Use rangefinder to measure shooting distances

Check shooting distances with laser rangefinder.

Knowing right shooting distances helps you shoot better and to avoid cripples. It is good to know the maximum shooting distance, but it is best to measure several distances: for example you can measure the distance to the decoy spread's farthest decoy and to the closest decoy. This allows you to pinpoint the shooting zone and choose chokes and ammo accordingly, as well as offering some guide for the lead reaquired to hit the birds. When using rifle it is good to measure distances to several distinct landmarks when you setup your "ambush".

Range to decoys

Rangefinders capabilities are not equal, so depending about the capabilities you might not be able to measure distances in fog and rain, especially with the cheapest models. So, if you want to be able to measure distances even in poor weather, invest into good guality rangefinder.

Don't forget to practice your own judgement too, it is even more easier with rangefinder as you can check the results.