Waterfowling Tips for larger decoy spreads and for mixed specie spreads

Tips for larger decoy spreads and for mixed specie spreads

When you use a lot of decoys or mixed specie spreads, here are some things worth considering of.

Using good sized decoy spreads add visibility and raw attraction power of your spread, but beware that your spread doesn't handicap you. One of the most important things with larger spreads is that the decoys should be kept under a reasonable shooting distance. If you place some of your decoys outside of the shooting range, then you will miss some shooting opportunities when some ducks just fly-by without intention to land. Not all ducks are going to land to your spread, no matter how good you are. For example when setting up traditional V-shaped spread, it is better to bulge the spread sideways than to make it longer and longer.

Group your decoys according to their specie

When you use a mixed specie spread, it is good to remember that not all waterfowls enjoy each other's company, what it comes to different specie. In generally it is good practice to place divers separated from puddlers and grouped by specie. For example goldeneyes like to be with their own kind, separated from other species. When making the separate groups remember to place them under shooting distance. Good place for divers are the sides of a puddler spread, or if applicable to the situation, the divers can be placed upwind from the puddlers.

Use confidence decoys

You can also use goose decoys with a puddler spread and vice versa. Goose decoys make good confidence decoys for ducks and they are highly visible due to their big size and for example canadas offer good contrast. Duck decoys won't add much visibility to geese spread, but they work well as a confidence decoys. Mixed spread also offers a great opportunity for mixed bag, you can get extra geese or ducks or any other specie that you have added to your spread.

Decoy spread

Mixed specie spread. Puddlers are on the picture and divers on the left side out of sight.

Labrador retriever with some ducks

Mallard and a tufted duck got with the decoy spread on the above picture.